As with most major cities, Houston has property buyers which buy properties for cash and facilitate quicker sales to property owners that do not want to go through the often lengthy process a realtor would insist on. 713 Property Buyer is one of the major property buyers in Houston and is therefore often ready to make any purchase at any time, regardless of the state of the house and the location. One of the main reasons why people go to a property buyer rather than a realtor when they want to sell their property is, because a property buyer will usually buy a property which is in a state of disrepair whilst a realtor will often insist that the repairs are made prior to them taking on responsibility for the sale. This means that the seller will have to find the available cash to make those repairs and although having made them, the price of the property will have increased, the cost of repairs would have to be subtracted. So, although the property buyer may have paid the seller less cash, it may well be worth it as it will be far more convenient. Often a property buyer will even consider buying a property that has tenants in it, providing that it is not contrary to any tenant agreement. This means that if you rent out a property and decide to sell, you may not have to evict the tenants in order to do so. This is a particularly good advantage as sometimes a tenant may be hard to evict, legally at least and at the best could take time. Property buyers are not bad people and so will offer a reasonable price for a property but they are in business and so that reasonable price may well be lower than what you may get through a realtor but that is an allowance for profit by the buyer who will after all sell it themselves. A property buyer will nearly always deal in cash though and will pay on the spot once an agreement has been made and this is what many people prefer rather than a little extra on the price but having to wait perhaps months before they even get any payment at all. If you are having financial problems and need the cash selling your house bring but don’t have anywhere to stay, often a property buyer will have properties available to rent or perhaps a house which is cheaper than your current one and so you can afford to buy it. Whereas all of this could be done by going through a real estate agent, it could not be arranged anywhere near as quickly as you would have to wait whilst they went through a lengthy procedure to sell the house. If you ever need to sell your property it is therefore best to check a property buyer as well as a realtor and then decide what is the best option for you,under your circumstances, at that time.

As a city in the United States, Houston residents are faced with similar problems to other residents up and down the country and these problems can often include a shortage of money. This means that many Houston residents find themselves having to say ‘ sell my Houston house for cash and sell it as fast as possible’. In these situations and in others, it is often through necessity that those house owners will turn to property buyers to help them out. A property buyer will buy houses and other properties but they are not usually approached by home owners because in general, they will pay less for a property than what the property owner could expect to make selling it through a realtor. However, selling through a realtor can take time, perhaps weeks or even months and sometimes a property owner cannot afford to wait that long to receive the cash value of the property. In these instances, as a property buyer can complete a sale in just days instead of weeks, a property owner may approach them and accept less for the property. This type of transaction allows a property owner to get access to the cash they need, when they need it and it also allows the property buyer to make a profit on the properties resale. Another reason why a property owner may seek to sell their property directly to a property buyer for less than they could get going through a realtor; is if the property is in need of some serious repairs. In these cases a realtor may well request that the repairs are made prior to them placing the property on the market. Repairs to properties can though cost money, money the property owner may not have access to, plus they are inconvenient and could take time. A property buyer on the other hand, may accept the property in the condition that it is in, either making the repairs themselves or selling it ‘as is’ to someone that is prepared to make the repairs. Properties that have tenants in them may also be bought by property buyers as most realtors would want any tenants to be removed before they will handle a sale. As removing tenants can be difficult or take time at least, the owner of a property that has tenants may look to a property buyer to purchase the property with the tenants still in place. A property buyer may well do this providing there is nothing in any of the tenant agreements to dissuade them. If a property has been inherited and the person who inherited the property is not particular about keeping it, they may want to acquire extra cash through selling it quickly and as it was not their money invested in the property, they will often accept the lower amount that a property buyer will offer them for a quick sale. Although property buyers do pay less, whilst we are experiencing these hard times, they will be offered many properties directly by the owners.